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India’s Big Basket co-founder launches tech-based laundry service.

Big Basket made headlines in May 2021 when Tata Digital got hold of the majority stake in the company. And now Abhinay Choudhari, co-founder of Big Basket is in the news as he exits from the online grocery firm.

He is a three-time founder who wants to now contribute uniquely to India’s tech-enabled start-up culture. Chaudhuri has now kick-started another venture as its Co-Founder & CEO in the segment of online laundry service. The e-laundry service in India still has no significant players or competitors.

His new venture Laundrymate is one of the country’s earliest organized tech-led laundry services. The start-up’s new factory is located in a Bengaluru Rural District small village, Arehalli Guddadahalli. It can handle about 45,000 clothes daily. The services offered are dry cleaning and ironing, washing and ironing, washing and just folding, and just ironing. A customer can select one service for their laundry or all four services.

For now, the company is servicing Bengaluru but has plans to operate in 30 other places in India, including top cities and small towns. The online-laundry service firm has also launched its B2C app. The app is quite exemplary as it lets customers watch their laundry washed in real-time. Cameras have been installed inside the factory for this feature.

Interestingly, the Big Basket co-founder, Abhinay Chaudhuri invested in this firm back in 2016. Since then, it has been running in pilot mode in Bengaluru. He started his online laundry startup along with P Singh, Raghavendra Joshi, S M Abbas, Tripat Preet Singh, and Uday Vijayan. The founders aim to establish their venture as India’s biggest laundry service.


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