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In October, Airtel will roll out 5G service in a number of Indian cities.

Following Asian countries like Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand which have been successively coming out with the 5G upgrade of broadband cellular networks, the latest to join the fray in India. The much-awaited 5G launch will be imminent starting next month all across the nation. This upgrade has promised to provide a speed that surpasses anything we have right now. This could mean up to thirty times higher speeds.

Everything You Need To Know

Gear up, Indian tech fanatics! Airtel, one of India’s biggest telecom giants has publicly announced via social media that they are very excited to be bringing 5G to India. The takeover will first be aimed at metropolitan areas throughout the country that will be pioneering the use of 5G tech. The launch will next focus on suburban and rural areas to not leave out any segment of society. Preparations are being made to prioritize ease of access and a simplified process to get the superfast network to every Indian household. The full-fledged penetration of the upgrade however will take at least a year starting from now.

If you didn’t already know, we won’t have to let go of our existing 4G SIM cards! They are automatically in store for a 5G upgrade and all you have to do is choose the data plan that suits you best. The pandemic forced people to work out of homes for long periods of time and in search of better, faster connectivity. 5G comes bearing the answer to all our troubles and gaps left by telecom infrastructure that couldn’t be filled by the 4G takeover.

What Do We Need To Prepare?

The one thing which will soon become necessary to make use of 5G connections is to make sure you’ve replaced your 4G-friendly gadgets. You would need to get new ones that correspond with 5G tech. You’re good to go after that. This comes as a small victory for the tech-savvy Indian community who recalls the long process of upgrading from 3G to 4G a couple of years back.


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