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In December, AYANEO will introduce the GEEK and AYANEO 2 handheld gaming consoles.

The Chinese brand is ready to add more competition in the handheld gaming space with AMD Ryzen hardware

AYANEO has come out with all the details for their upcoming handheld gaming console launches concerning their design, specs, prices & release dates. It will soon be competing directly with the likes of the Nintendo Switch, Asus ROG Phone 5 & the Steam Deck.

The AYANEO 2 & GEEK gaming consoles would release in December 2022. Both would be powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U chipset. This mobile processor is commonly used in gaming PCs. The AYANEO 2 is the flagship model & would have a price tag of $1099. The GEEK 2 is more affordable with a price tag of $949 at launch.

Both the systems would be available to consumers at a discounted rate if they are willing to be the early adopters by pre-ordering. This system of pricing is what they are referring to as “Super Early Bird” & “Early Bird” pricing. These consoles are currently crowdfunded & have not launched in the retail market yet.

Features at a glance

Both AYANEO 2 & GEEK pack the same hardware with a 7-inch display, a minimum of 16 gigs of RAM & 512 gigs of storage. They are powered by AMD Ryzen 6800U APU & Radeon 680M GPU. Both have in-built controllers & support for Windows 11.

The price difference between the two stems from the fact that the GEEK, unlike AYANEO 2 does not have motion sensors in the handles & the body. It lacks a higher-quality vibration motor & touch-to-wake feature for the fingerprint sensor.


As these consoles have not been tested independently by reviewers, pre-ordering would involve substantial risk. It would be interesting to see how these fare against the other handheld consoles. On paper at least, these consoles look more powerful than the Steam Deck’s hardware. What we can say for sure is that the handheld gaming arena would spice up even more in the coming months!


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