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In 2023, Apple will release the iPhone 15 “Ultra,” replacing the Pro Max Trim.

Apple is planning lots of changes in its new devices. Along with the launch of iPhone Pro Max smartphones, Apple has plans for many other changes in the new gadgets. Some reports suggest it is planning to change the name of the Pro Max and call its iPhone 15 lineup “Ultra” phones. The new model will do away with the old trim. Apple smartphones are expected to have several important features and undergo extensive design changes.

Next year, when iPhone 15 is launched, Apple plans to go for a massive design change. The changes will focus on the look of the iPhone which has influenced later iPhone releases. Apple is planning to end the three-year design change cycle for iPhone 14. This smartphone is expected to undergo design changes in 2023.

Apple also plans to introduce significant changes in the trims. There is a high expectation that an “Ultra” series of mobile phones will be released to replace the Pro Max. The flagship smartphone in the category of iPhone 15 is expected to have a new name when launched in 2023. The name is expected to be iPhone 15 Ultra. Other changes might include USB-C and other design changes.

Some experts support changing the name of Apple’s flagship smartphone Pro Max to Ultra. However, presently there is no information about iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14.

Apple released the “Ultra” trim in its latest Apple watch release. The company introduced a high level of performance and durability benchmark in its smartwatch that differs from all other smartwatches in its category. It looks like Apple will likely take this path in the future.


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