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iFixit is offering 20% off DIY replacement screens and batteries for iPhones and Pixels.

With the launch of new exciting phones like Apple’s iPhone 14 and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, people are gearing up to update their older mobile devices.

But the term “upgrade” need not mean buying a new phone altogether. In fact, if you are perfectly happy with your current phone some little tweaks can make it as good as new.

Keeping this in mind, the American e-commerce and DIY website, iFixit, is offering a discount 20 percent on replaceable batteries and screens for phones like iPhone and Pixel.

The iFixit Sale

Till the end of September, consumers can buy DIY repair kits at a 20 percent discount. This means if you pay $69 for a replacement battery at Apple, you can get the battery for $35.99 at iFixit.

The catch is, that these are DIY (do it yourself) kits. iFixit will provide you with all the necessary tools and parts to modify or repair your phone. But you will have to do the work yourself.

The good news is, iFixit offers free online tutorials for these purposes. They are easy to follow. Even someone who has never repaired a phone before can learn how to do it.

Advantages of Phone Repairs

Dumping your phone every year for a new one wreaks havoc on the environment. Every year the world generates 40 million tons of electronic waste, according to The World Counts.

An average phone user dumps their old phone every 18 months. By repairing your existing phone you can make it as good as new while reducing your carbon footprint.


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