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If your phone requires repairs, ensure your information is secure first.

Our phones are very personal to use and carry very useful information. When you give the device over to another person. For someone you don’t usually realise, it’s important to take every measure to protect yourself. This is particularly true when you need to send your phone in for repairs because it might be a target for even more people while you’re in transit. If you ever need to fix your phone make sure you remember these steps in mind before you drop it off.

The most secure choice

The only method to make certain that a repair technician won’t play with your data is to remove every single thing before handing your phone to them. Here are some tips you can make it happen safely.

Bake up your phone

It can be more complicated for Android phones. You can backup your applications messages, preferences, and other data onto your Google account However, you’ll need to ensure that your images and crucial files have been stored elsewhere. Google Photos and Google Drive are the obvious options, however, you might also prefer to keep your files on your personal computer.

Erase your phone

When you’re certain that your important files are secure, erase your phone. For iPhones, go to the Settings app, then tap General, then Transfer and Reset. iPhone erases all content and Settings.

Different Android phones manage things differently, you can access your Settings app, then tap General or System management, then choose Reset, and then select the option to do a factory Data Reset.

Repair your smartphone

Once your repaired handset is now in your possession, start by creating it as usual. In the set-up process, you’ll be asked if you’d like to restore it from the backup. Make sure to select the correct backup — in this case, it’s likely to be the most recent one.

The alternatives

The Android smartphones and iPhones that continue to remain off and are connected to the web, leave us with a few alternatives. If you’ve set up your device to back up on iCloud and Google One automatically, you could check the last time it happened.

If your device doesn’t start up

We don’t want to admit it but there’s nothing you could do if this is the situation. If you’re worried about the content of your phone, you can try to erase the phone in the manner we explained in the previous paragraph.


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