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iCloud might be sending your photos and other data to strangers’ computers.

The recently released iCloud for Windows software from Microsoft, which links your iCloud account to your PC’s Photographs app, already has a bug delivering photos to strangers.

Some users claim to have received other people’s photos when attempting to transfer their iCloud data onto a Windows device, and these images have been forwarded to other users on various Forums. In addition, some users reported receiving defective recordings that would only play back as black screens with scan lines. After Microsoft added the feature the previous Wednesday, people began complaining about the app on November 17.

The iCloud for Windows software enables users to merge their content from various devices, including phones, cameras, and cloud storage services like iCloud Photos and OneDrive. But there’s no denying that the main marketing tie-in is Apple’s iCloud storage. For example, iCloud photos are supposed to be labeled under their folder for simplicity of identification. However, on Windows 11, the program creates a single gallery for all incoming images and videos.

One MacRumors Forums user reported being able to test the bug on three distinct PCs, one running Windows 10 Pro and two running Windows 11 Pro. However, he received photographs that were not his in all three cases, giving him the impression that someone else had received his photos.

The user claimed to have tested the bug on many Apple devices, including an iPad, an iPhone 11 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and that his iPhone 14 Pro Max, which had HDR and HEVC turned on, appeared to be the main culprit of the issue. He claimed that he contacted Apple about the problem but received no response.


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