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How to Set up Guest Mode to Allow Friends to Use your Android Phone.

If you are regularly sharing the use of your Android device with other members of your family, you might not want them viewing your private text messages or photos while using the device. You can lock down the apps that store your personal data, however, this approach may not be completely secure. It’s good to know that there’s a more effective method to ensure that the Guest User is not granted the full rights to access your individual information.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of turning on Guest Mode, and we’ll provide a detailed explanation of how it works. For starters, you’ll have to add multiple people to your Android device. This can be accomplished by opening Settings, and then selecting System as well as multiple users. You’ll then be capable of adding new users to this phone ( Add user) in addition to allow the Guest mode ( Add guest).

The process of creating new users, as it happens it’s a more complex procedure: It’s similar to starting your phone for the first time. The user who is new will require a Google account (at least, if they intend to access the Google software or access anything downloaded from Google’s Play Store) Additionally, they’ll be able to set their own method for unlocking the screen and so on. If you’re going for simplicity choose Guest Mode, If you share your phone with an individual on a continuous basis, you can add them as users.

Users are the best option for those with children who are likely to use their phone often instead of an aunt or uncle who may use it for games or two. You’ll be able to add an account for your child from within your Google Family Group and control what your child can be capable of doing on the phone. At the moment, we’re focused on Guest Mode which you can enable via your Systems or Multi users page by dragging your fingers two fingers down to the right of your screen and then clicking the user account button on the bottom on the Quick Settings panel. You can follow the same method to go back to your regular account.

What distinguishes Guest Mode stand out from the full user account is the ease with which it’s possible to begin afresh. Each time you switch to Guest Mode and are asked whether you’d like to continue the session you were in ( Yes continue) or erase everything and start from scratch ( Start again). This applies to Google accounts that guests have registered for, websites that the guest is browsing in Chrome or Firefox, and so on.

It’s also impossible for people who visit your phone can view the messages or files on your phone. Everything from your messages on SMS to your email to the photos you have saved is locked and inaccessible. The guests are also barred from the possibility of switching to a different wifi network and as you’d imagine, they aren’t able to reset your phone either.

Guest Mode offers privacy features for the guest also: Once they’re finished with what they’re working on, they can access the screen for switching accounts (through Settings or at the top of the panel for Quick Settings) and then select to remove the guest–this erases any trace of their activities and locks them out of all accounts.

Here is all, we discussed about Guest modes in your Andriod Phones.  Please tell us in the comment section that you share your Andriod Phones With your Family members and if you do then Have you ever used Guest Mode?

It is simple and safe to use afterall!


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