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How to Pair Joy-Cons to Your iPhone. Guide about what games to play.

The times of Flappy Bird are gone. You can tap and swipe; tapping on the fingers of your hands against the glass could feel inadequate when you’re trying to win a game of Fortnite. With the release of iOS 16, anyone using a compatible iPhone has a second option for gaming controllers Nintendo’s Joy-Cons.

Indeed, you can already connect your Xbox or PlayStation controller to an iPhone; however, the small size of the controllers on the Switch makes them ideal for slipping into your coat pocket or purse despite their shortcomings. So, whether you’re addicted to Splatoon 3.0 or the Switch is hidden in a closet until Link is waiting to embark on an adventure of its own, This post will show you how to connect Joy-Cons to an Apple device. Do you need help determining which mobile game you should play initially using the controller? We’ve compiled a few worthy recommendations.

How to Pair Your Joy-Cons

  1. Check to ensure that your iPhone is up-to-date to (and is compatible with) at the very least iOS 16 before you attempt to connect your Joy-Con. iPads must be updated at least to iPadOS 16.
  2. Unlock your Apple device. Select Settings, then Bluetooth. On the top of this screen, the button has to be turned to the left to connect the controller.
  3. Find your Switch and then remove both controllers from its screen display.
  4. On the right, Joy-Con Press the tiny, embedded button between SL and SR. The green LED will start to bounce around the area.
  5. Joy-Con (R) will appear in your smartphone’s Bluetooth tab under devices if you see a green signal. Click on this name and connect it to your iPhone.
  6. Do you want to connect two controllers? Repetition the process using the identical Switch on the right Joy-Con. Open the phone’s Bluetooth tab and select the Joy-Con (L).

What Games Should I Play?

The easy part is done. Now, let’s tackle the problem: deciding which games to play. Let’s start by stepping out of the garden to play a brief battle royale. Even though Fortnite is no longer the center of popular culture like it did just several years back, the game is worth taking a look at by 2022. The game will feature a brand-new game mode that doesn’t require creating and an awe-inspiring variety of collaborations with IP (like Lebron James, John Wick, and Goku).

The setup process will take about 15 minutes to set up on your smartphone, however, Fortnite is a fantastic example of the possibilities for mobile games that use the controller. Open your browser and go to Click to open the Fortnite icon and select “Get Ready to Play.” A pop-up window will prompt players to tap the tiny box icon with an upward arrow. Scroll down and select Add to the Home Screen. An orange Cloud Gaming app will appear on your iPhone.

A reliable Internet connection is required so that cloud games can run efficiently. Launch the app and then log in or sign up for an account for a free account through Microsoft. After logging in, please turn your phone in its landscape orientation and press the Fortnite icon to start the game. Have you never played Fortnite before? Also, you’ll need the Epic Account. I tried a few games without issues, even though Joy-Cons have yet to be recognized as an officially supported controller in Xbox Cloud Gaming.


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