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How to Make Apple Watch Series 8’s Fall Detection Work.

The newest Apple series 8 watch retains the functionality from the previous versions and then some. One feature that has been a staple across all versions since the first SE and Series 4 as well as the Series 8 is fall detection. This feature is available on the newest one too.

Thanks to the availability of features like the GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer, the Series 8 is able to detect a fall accurately. It is also easy to send notifications to emergency services in your country and even send a message to an emergency contact. If you are 50 or older, this feature is automatically activated if you specify your birthday. Here is how you can enable this feature on your watch.

1. Go to the Apple Series 8’s apps and pick settings.

2. Find the SOS section and choose the fall detection feature.

3. Once you have done so, click on the fall detection switch.

4. Choose the option “always on” to ensure that the fall detection feature is turned on. This stays on around the clock or you can also choose the option “only for workouts” to enable it when you are exercising.

5. If these steps don’t work, go through your iPhone’s emergency section for the SOS feature and enable it there.

As per XDA, it is essential to note that even if the watch senses a hard fall, it will not call emergency services automatically. The wrist detection feature must be turned on. Make sure that wrist detection is turned on to get the necessary help.


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