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How to get a verified badge on Facebook: A step-by-step guide till completion.

The Meta-owned social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, give their users a distinct identity. The unique identity is known as “Verification.” In the case of Facebook, the verification process is typically free, however, accounts must be Verified by using some steps. Here’s how you can obtain your Facebook account verified.

Eligibility and requirements

To obtain an official badge, the Facebook page or Profile must be genuine and represent a real person, registered business, or any other type of organization. Unique personality is the only representation of the company or person, except for language-specific profile pages; every person or company can only confirm one Profile or page.

Facebook cannot verify general interest profiles and pages. You must include at least one blog post from your most recent activity, an About section, and a Page or Profile photo. It is a valid way to represent the well-known and often searched-for brand, individual, or other entity.

Once you’ve confirmed that the above requirements have been met, here’s step-by-step to assist information to help you in your verification journey.

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to the verification badge request webpage:
  • Fill out the form. Then, choose the type of account you wish to be verified (Facebook Page or Profile)
  • Verify the authenticity by uploading your ID. This could include your driver’s license, Passport, National identification card, Tax filing, Recent utility bill, or Articles of incorporation.
  • Verify your credibility by filling in the categories your account is a part of and the country or region in which your account is the most well-known. In the section for the audience, you can inform Facebook details about the kind of people you follow, their interests, and why they follow you.
  • In addition, you are allowed to add up to five hyperlinks to magazines or social media profiles that showcase your fame. Links that contain commercial or paid content will not be considered.

Once you have submitted the complete application, Facebook will review it and accept or deny your request. It could take 48 hours to 45 days to finish this process.

Facebook users can also now link their accounts to an official website, an Instagram profile, or a Twitter account.


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