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How to generate your Instafest personalized music festival lineup via Spotify.

It’s the last day on the calendar. This means it’s time to begin posting the details of their Spotify music habits. However, while you wait to see the arrival of the new Spotify Wrapped, a new app has popped up to assist us in making enough money to live on. It was created by University of Southern California student Akshay Saboo. Instant is a graph-based generator that lists Spotify’s most popular artists as though they’re part of the lineup of the world’s largest and most intimate music festival. It’s also so beautiful that if you’ve ever seen it, you may think it was advertising a real event.

How to make fake lineups for festivals to be used in Spotify Instafest

Before that, you must have an active Spotify account to be able to use Instafest. You can join for no cost if you don’t yet have a Spotify account. But, as Instafest examines the data you listen to and your listening habits, you’ll have to utilize the streaming app for some time before creating a personal event for you and your top artists. Also, be aware that unless you’re a regular music lover, you might not be able to avail of the three-day event that many people share because there aren’t a lot of artists to pick from on Instafest. If that’s the case, you may only have an hour or two.

  1. Visit the Instafest website.                                                                                                                              
  2. Hit the Green Sign in using the Spotify button.                                                                                                                
  3. Log in to the account you have set up for the Spotify account. 
  4. Examine the privacy information that appears and then select Agree.                                                             
  5. Scroll down, and choose from the choices beneath the Customize heading to browse and edit your lineup. You can modify the artists you’ve included in your lineup depending on the music you’ve heard over the past four weeks, six weeks, or even all the time. You can also alter the look of the graphic and remove the username of your Spotify username if you’d prefer.
  6. Choose Save and share under the festival logo.
  7. Choose Download or Share. Downloads save images whenever you open the app on your PC. If you’re using your smartphone and want to save the image onto your phone’s camera roll, choose”Share” > “Save Photo. Then, you can share the image by sending it directly to someone else or posting it on other social platforms.

Spotify has become Instafest for most people; however, this is one of many services the website provides. Furthermore, Spotify and Instafest also work with Last FM. In the following days, Saboo confirmed that Apple Music was the next platform to be used by Instafest. Unfortunately, Apple Music currently does not permit him to access Instafest however, it appears that we can immediately change it. Until then, you’ll be able to utilize Apple Music Replay to get the most accurate information about your listening habits. Increase.


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