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How to Fix a Non-Working Lenovo Microphone.

What to do if the microphone on your Lenovo laptop isn’t picking up sound?
There might be a simple fix if the microphone on your Lenovo isn’t working. We are here to help you if the microphone on your Lenovo laptop isn’t working correctly or won’t record any sound.

Causes of a malfunctioning Lenovo microphone

The following are some potential causes of a Lenovo laptop’s microphone malfunction:

1. Your microphone is off.
2. There is no authorization for an app to access your device.
3. Damaged or missing device drivers,
4. Faulty hardware

Test your Lenovo computer’s microphone before attempting the treatments listed below to identify the issue’s root cause.

How to Fix a Non-Working Lenovo Microphone
Try the following fixes in the next order, making sure your computer’s microphone is working correctly between each step:

  1. Unmute your microphone. Check for a mute button to ensure you aren’t muted when using your microphone with a program like Zoom.
  2. Verify each app’s settings. To choose the audio input and confirm that your microphone is turned on, look for a sound options menu.
  3. Verify the app’s permissions. Check the app’s permissions settings to determine if it can access your microphone.
  4. Your Windows PC should restart. Your computer’s functionality may be temporarily hampered by issues that can be fixed by continuing it.
  5. Windows sound settings can be modified. Check the Windows 10 sound settings’ Input section to ensure your microphone is turned on. Ensure the internal microphone is set as the default if you have previously attached additional headsets or microphones to your computer.
  6. Activate the Windows sound troubleshooter. Select Troubleshoot after navigating to the Windows sound settings. If Windows cannot resolve the issue independently, it may offer recommendations for additional steps.

Increase the mic’s volume. Select Device properties > Additional device properties, select the Levels tab, and then increase the Microphone slider to 50% or higher in the sound settings.

7. Now, update your Windows drivers. Find your microphone in Device Manager and make sure it has the most recent drivers installed for it to work.

8. Connect a microphone outside the body. You can try connecting a Bluetooth or USB microphone, albeit that isn’t precisely a remedy because it will only work if the issue is with the internal hardware.

9. Restore your system using Windows. As a last option, try to reset the system to its default settings. Keep a backup of any information you want to save because a restore will erase your hard disk.

10. Repair or replace the keyboard on your Lenovo device. Check to see if you are eligible for a free repair or replacement if you suspect that the internal hardware is harmed and your device is still covered under warranty.

11. Check for hardware damage and make the necessary repairs. Check to determine if the internal microphone wiring is linked to the motherboard if a warranty no longer covers your computer and you feel comfortable opening it up. If required, reconnect the wires or plug them in again.



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