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How to enable ‘Panic mode’ on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Many functions are available on Samsung smartphones, including “panic mode.” When a user needs help, the function helps them swiftly contact contacts. In this piece, we’ll go over how to use this functionality if—heaven forbid—an emergency arises.

What does “panic mode” mean?
In its devices, Samsung includes “panic mode,” which can let you swiftly contact your contacts in an emergency. Such events include an accident, deteriorating health conditions, and others. You must activate the feature to use it:

How to make a Samsung phone’s panic mode feature active
1. On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings.
2. Locate the Panic Mode option under the Advance feature section by scrolling down.
3. Select the option to send SOS messages.
4. Adjust the Send SOS messages toggle.
5. Grant access and permissions to any apps you might need in an emergency.
6. Click Start and enter the names of your emergency contacts.

How does the panic mode function?
When the feature is turned on, pressing the power button three times will cause your smartphone to call 112 at once. The contacts you saved as your emergency numbers will be called or texted by the phone. You can use the feature to include photographs with your SOS message to describe the type of emergency you are experiencing.

For the first time, the panic mode function was made available on all Samsung Galaxy devices in 2017. Users can toggle the Send SOS Messages switch to enable or disable the feature.

The function complies with the emergency button requirement initially implemented in response to the crime against women. In an emergency, the feature will make it easier for the user to contact friends and relatives.

Smartphones featuring extra features like Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite include the Google Pixel series and the recently released iPhone 14 series.


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