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How to enable ‘package tracking’ feature in Gmail: A Simple Guide.

Nowadays, shopping online and ordering various goods through e-commerce websites is normal. After placing an online order, customers must wait for their products to arrive, and tracking shipments can occasionally be challenging. If you are not using the online shopping app, you can access order tracking information from your email inbox. But emails with shipment tracking information can sometimes get misplaced in the inbox. Gmail, a free email service owned by Google, included the “package tracking” tool in November to assist you in these scenarios.

The “package tracking” feature in Gmail

This function allows Gmail to track your packages and show delivery information directly in the inbox after placing an order. Orders with tracking numbers will show relevant delivery information even in your inbox’s list view. A summary card and the most current delivery status for each email will be available to users.

The Gmail package tracking feature offers all the necessary information, including the order status and anticipated arrival date. Additionally, this function provides labels for short information like “Arriving tomorrow” or “Delivered now.” Users must enable the option in Gmail’s settings to receive alerts on shipment arrival in their inbox. This is how you do it:
1. Start your phone’s Gmail application.
2. Click on the menu with three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
3. Go to Settings.
4. Next, pick your Gmail account.
5. Tick the box next to Package tracking under the General tab.

Once you turn on the functionality, Gmail will automatically search using the tracking numbers for order statuses and show them in your inbox. The settings menu always offers users the option to disable this feature. In the following days, Gmail will also add a delay label and bring the email containing the order details to the top of your inbox.

The function was first made available to users in the US, but it is now also accessible to users in other locations. The desktop version of the program has not yet received the new Gmail feature, though.


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