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How to enable Android developer options on your phone.

You may access a wide range of power capabilities and make the most of your Android technology if you know how to enable the Android developer options on your device. So what choices do developers have? Said, the developer options menu provides software developers with some functions that most regular users won’t use.

Although most users won’t require the advanced functionality found in Android’s developer options, there are still cool settings that could enhance your smartphone usage. You may speed up your Android device using animation scaling, force the maximum refresh rate of your display, always keep your screen open when charging, and display visual feedback for finger taps using the developer tools available on Android. The fact that Android devices may be highly customized makes them some of the greatest tablets and phones available today.

On Android, enabling developer options is simple. How? Read on!

How to activate the developer options in Android
1. Click the About phone option in the Settings app.
2. Press the Build button 7 times.

Press Software details, then 7 times tap the Build number on an android handset.

3. To unlock your device, enter your passcode or pattern.
4. Return to the primary Settings menu, then select System.

You return to the primary Settings menu on an android device. The Developer options menu is located at the bottom.

5. Click on Developer options.

The Developer settings menu is now open to you. Play around with the settings if you want, but keep in mind that changing some of them could prevent your phone from continuing to function as it should. Generally speaking, only enable a feature if you’re clear about what it accomplishes.


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