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How to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone.

Although there are lots of options on the iPhone, this makes life easier and can be completed quickly. It is possible to delete multiple contacts in one step; however, it was glaringly unavailable. It was a major difficult issue for the majority of iPhone users. This was among those issues that seemed a bit odd. If one needed to erase multiple contacts from iPhone at once, the user was required to sign into iCloud then and then. It’s weird to say it didn’t exist, but it’s true. But this isn’t the case with Apple iOS 16 updates, It is now easy for iPhone users to erase multiple contacts simultaneously. These are the steps followed to remove multiple contacts from your iPhone:

  •  Open the Contacts app on the iPhone.
  •  Select the contacts you wish to erase.
  •  Use 2 fingers to choose a contact. Then, drag it up and down to select other contacts that require to be deleted.
  •  If the contacts’ names are highlighted in grey, they’ve been selected.
  •  Press long on selected contacts, and a pop-up menu will pop up where you will choose to delete the contacts.
  •  Click delete, and all contacts will be removed.

After trying and using the feature, it’s to be noted that the process could be more challenging. We found it difficult to drag the feature up and down since several contacts we didn’t wish to delete were often selected. An alternative would’ve been to use the select option that Apple provides, for example, in the Photos app. However, anything is indeed superior to nothing.

We hope this trick has helped you a lot.


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