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How to create appointment schedule by using Google Calendar.

A useful function provided by Google Calendar ensures you never forget an essential appointment. You can create a block of times on your calendar that others can reserve. For instance, managers could invite team members to schedule weekly during business hours.

When you don’t know who needs to meet with you but still wants to be available, appointment slots are helpful. On your calendar, you can make a block of time available for people to reserve time slots. For instance, you may schedule 2 hours where you’re accessible for 30-minute meetings.
Therefore, you can use Google Calendar to make appointment plans if you also wish to manage your time perfectly.
What you can do is as follows
1. Launch Google Calendar on a computer.
2. Click Create in the top left corner.
3. Select Schedule an appointment.
4. Type a title here. Anyone who has the link to your booking page can see the title. Your calendar for appointments and schedules displays the title.
5. Choose the length of your appointment.
Click the Down arrow Drop down next to “30 minutes” to choose a custom period. The minimum appointment length is 15 minutes.
6. Decide when you will be available for appointments. A one-time appointment or a recurring schedule can be created.
7. Click the down arrow next to the “Scheduling window” to modify the maximum amount of time appointments can be scheduled in advance. By default, someone can schedule a meeting with you up to 60 days in advance.
8. Press Next.
9. Click Save after making changes to your appointment schedule.

So schedule your appointment now and manage your time perfectly.


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