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How to create and add filters Highlight reels using Samsung Gallery.

Highlight reel creation may be a creative and enjoyable project. The reels may be created using a variety of applications, but utilizing Samsung Gallery is one of the simplest and most enjoyable options. In comparison to other apps, the native app provides a variety of editing features.

Samsung posted the same information on its community page.
People are reflecting on 2022 coming to an end in various ways, including their reading habits, their Spotify Wrapped playlists, their #2022eras posts on TikTok, which have had over 53 million views, and their #2022recaps, which have received over 156 million views. For those experiencing FOMO, Galaxy users can reflect on their year and honor their #2022Eras by making a personalized Story or Highlight Reel directly from their Gallery! You can now instantly create a video of your year in the review using the media in your Gallery. To share your #2022Eras films, adhere to the procedures below!

To create a highlight reel on a Samsung smartphone, follow these instructions:
1. Open the Gallery app and select your favorite images from 2022.
2. Modify and add photographs to the reel using Gallery’s features. To make the reel more appealing, users can change the colors and choose from various filters and stickers. Additionally, a Suggestions option offers adjustments to enhance the photographs.
3. Create a Story or Highlight a Reel in the Gallery.
4. Select More and select Create Story from the dropdown menu to create a story.
5. Select the photographs you want to use, then make a slideshow.
6. To create a highlight reel, select Highlight reel by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
7. Save the file and click Share to upload the reel to your social media accounts.
You can utilize the Samsung Gallery app if you wish to join the trend of creating highlight reels.


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