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How to create a calendar event on your Apple Watch.

Have you ever wanted to add a reminder event to your Calendar application but didn’t know how to add it to your iPhone watch? You can use an Apple Watch to add a Calendar event before forgetting. Learn how to create and add events to calendars in the Apple Watch Calendar app with watchOS 9; it’s fast and straightforward!

With watchOS 8 and older versions, the Calendar app for Apple Watch restricted you only to create events that you’ve scheduled or been invited to during the last six weeks. However, there was no way to design an event for the coming two calendar years.

WatchOS 9 has changed the feature of creating calendar events in your Apple Watches. You can create events directly on your wristwatch, automatically syncing with the iPhone.

How do I Create Calendar Events On my Apple Watch?

Although the watchOS 9 might not appear as huge of a revolutionary update in the same way as the iPadOS 16, many quality-of-life enhancements are being made. We’ve always loved being able to glance at our wristwatches to know our next events. However, when you wanted to create an event, you always needed to make a note to make it happen later or utilize another of your Apple devices.

This is all set to change with watchOS 9 since you can finally create and add events within the Calendar in the Apple Watch. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Calendar app on your Apple Watch
  • Now please tap the (…) icon on your wristwatch
  • Tap on Add New event

So, here you go; please put all the relevant details regarding your event and save it.


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