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How to add ’emotional emoji reactions’ sticker to Instagram stories.

Instagram, a photo-sharing application owned by Meta, keeps adding new features to the software to improve user experience. Stickers facilitate more enjoyable interactions between users and their friends and family. Before sharing on the app became simple, the social media site invented the sticker-sharing option. For instance, the social media platform allows users to share stickers in their stories and in private chats, and there are numerous ways to do this.

Emoticon response sticker
The well-known social networking platform released emoji reaction stickers earlier this year. Users can utilize the tool to add an emoji reaction sticker to their Instagram stories. Your followers can tap on the sticker that will be put as the reaction to the narrative when an emoji reaction sticker is applied to a story.

Users can also swipe over to the story to view the number of followers who have clicked the sticker. Users of Instagram are limited to choosing one emoji from a deck of infinite emojis.

Here is How to add an emoji reaction sticker to your Instagram story using the feature shown below:

1. Open Instagram App
2. Then swipe left to go to the camera.
3. Activate the Story tab.
4. After creating an Instagram story, click the Sticker button at the top.
5. In the sticker box, click the heart-eye emoji icon.
6. There will only ever be four emojis available by default. However, tapping the plus (+) icon allows you to choose the emoji from an endless deck of emojis.
7. Then decide the emoji you want to have a reaction sticker for.

8. Emoji reaction stickers can be placed anywhere on a story before being posted.


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