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How Simple Is It to Convert an iPhone to a Pixel and the Other Way Around?

The idea of switching between android and iOS on the same phone sounds appealing. But the different operating systems make the task difficult.

It is not possible to use android on an Apple device. But there are some hacks that may allow you to do so. However, the results may not satisfy everyone.

If you are in the mood for experimenting, you can certainly follow this guide and try your best.

Using Launcher iOS 16

To make your android phone emulate the interface features of an iPhone, you can download the Launcher iOS 16 app.

After installing it on your android device, set the app as your default launcher. You can also choose the time you want your android to give the iPhone “feels”.

However, please note that this app is only good for aesthetics. The functionality is not as fluid as iOS or even android for that matter.

Lock Screen iOS 15

By the developers of Launcher iOS 16 comes another app that makes your screen lock resemble that of an iPhone. However, it does not facilitate Apple’s FaceID technology.

Although the app shows notifications just like iOS, you are entrusting the security of your phone to a third-party developer. That is something you must consider.

Control Center iOS 15

In case you only want the ability to access Apple’s Control Center then the Control Center iOS 15 apps may be for you.

This application emulates Apple’s Control Center. But it is installed as a sidebar feature on your android device.

To access the app you must swipe over to expand the icon.


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