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How is Echandia transforming maritime operations?

Echandia CEO Magnus Eriksson has plans to transform maritime operations using the latest electric energy storage systems and technologies. His company manufactures heavy-duty energy storage systems used in ships. He has been trying for more than a decade to urge authorities to invest in electric maritime public transport systems. However, he has not seen the expected developments. He is now planning to target the private sector for the electric shipping revolution. Now he thinks maritime electrification has bright prospects in the coming years.

He has seen policy changes at high levels that are forcing shipping operators to switch to more eco-friendly energy options. Ship operators now have to comply with many environmental regulations. They have started looking for greener energy options. Most countries have set targets to change to green energy options.

At present, lithium titanium oxide heavy-duty battery systems of Echandia are being used by Arriva Denmark to operate seven ferries in Copenhagen’s Skaggerak. The battery system can be charged within 10 minutes. The ferry has a secure mooring system that connects the ship to the charging station on the shore.

Rotterdam port city has plans to turn its maritime transport completely electric by 2030. Echandia is working here with Damen on a Waterbus project to operate three all-electric and six hybrid ferries that will operate between Dordrecht, Rotterdam, and Sliedrecht.

The limitation in battery energy storage has held back progress in maritime electrification. Echandia plans to use new technologies to change that. It is using faster charging and higher energy density battery storage systems to overcome the resistance of shipping operators in changing to electrification from carbon fuels.


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