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Here’s how to verify and disable location access for any apps you’re concerned about.

The apps we download and install on our smartphones need a lot of access and permissions to work properly. For instance, it’s crucial that the weather app gets access to your location, the call app has access to your microphone, and the camera app has access to both storage and the camera.

But things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Apps occasionally request rights that are unnecessary, particularly location access. For instance, the Calling App might function correctly without having access to your location. Other apps also fit this description.

As an illustration, you frequently forget which apps have access to your location right now or which apps you’ve given permission to access in the past. Additionally, for privacy reasons, you might wish to withdraw access if you discover anything suspicious immediately.

Therefore, use the procedures below to see which apps are currently using your phone’s location.

Navigate to Settings on your Android smartphone.

Scroll down and choose a location from the list.

Select Location Permissions for the App.

All the apps with location access are listed here. You can touch on one of the apps to turn off access if you desire.

As an alternative, you can disable access to a specific location. Follow the step below to accomplish this.

Go to your phone’s Settings app.

Scroll down and choose a location from the list.

Click on “App location permissions” now.

Select the App you wish to change from the list of apps by tapping it.

Here, you can totally disable location access or turn off the toggle for Use Precise Location.

By doing this, the App won’t be able to obtain the precise position.


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