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Here is How to use Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on PC.

The Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch were designed to be more comfortable than the Wiimote and Nunchuck from the Wii. Most gamers didn’t even realize they wanted it until they had it; they could separate the pair and rest their arms at any desired distance. However, using your Switch to play was the only way to experience it. That is, up until now.

Virtually every input technique is possible when playing games on a computer due to the adaptability and customization of PCs. While initially unreliable, Joy-Cons may now largely serve as PC controllers without problems. Here’s how to utilize your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on a PC whether you’re playing a game that works better with a controller or simply want to vacation from a mouse and keyboard.

How to link your PC to a Joy-Con

Connecting the two is quite easy once your Joy-Cons and PC are ready. 

Step 1: Check that Bluetooth is turned on by going to Start > Devices > Bluetooth on your computer.

Step 2: Keep both of your Joy-Cons’ Sync buttons depressed until all four lights start to flash.

Step 3: Return to the PC and choose Add a device.

Step 4: To connect them both, you must individually select each Joy-Con from the list.

Step 5: Choose “Done.”

Joy-Cons and Steam: How to Use

However, pairing your Joy-Cons is only the first step. You will need to put in a little more effort to get them to function with your games. Here’s how to use them with games in your Steam library.

Step 1: Open Steam.

Step 2: Navigate to the Account area in Settings.

Step 3: Select to participate in Steam beta updates.

Step 4: Launch Steam again.

How to operate Joy-Cons in other video games

You will require a different method to get your computer to recognise your controller inputs if you wish to play games unavailable on Steam. The simplest method is provided here.

Step 1: Download BetterJoy.

Step 2: Launch the setup programme to set up the drivers.

Step 3: Launch BetterJoyForCemu after installation.

Step 4: At this point, you can choose how the PC should read your Joy-Cons. They can be utilised as a single pair or as two separate controllers.


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