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Here is How to sign up for Telegram without SIM card.

Telegram, a well-known instant messaging service, provides features including channels and support for numerous accounts. With its most recent upgrade, the company has now introduced some additional options for individuals who value their privacy. Users can now join Telegram without a SIM card, erase all chats instantly, use Topics 2.0, generate temporary QR codes for contact sharing, and look up emojis on iOS devices, thanks to the most recent upgrade.

Signing up for Telegram without a SIM card
The business announced in a blog post that customers can sign up for a Telegram account using the most recent version of its software without a SIM card. Users must acquire a “blockchain-based anonymous number” via the decentralized Fragment platform, which Pavel Durov, the owner of Telegram, also developed.

The Fragment only offers usernames and anonymous phone numbers that work with the Telegram app and web services; it’s vital to remember this. Additionally, payments on the Fragment are performed using The Open Network, the official token of Telegram (TON). For $16 or 9 TON, Telegram users can purchase an anonymous number. Users can access the number after purchasing by completing an OTP verification process. A step-by-step guide to assist you to sign up for Telegram without a SIM card is provided below.

1- On your Android or iOS device, download the most recent version of the Telegram app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, as appropriate.

2- Launch the Telegram application on your smartphone.
3-  Press the Get Started button.
4- Type in the anonymous blockchain-based number you just bought from Fragment.
5- Next, input and validate the OTP you received on your blockchain-based anonymous number.
6- Now use the Telegram app without a SIM card.


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