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Here is How to set up an Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Amazon’s set-top box is looking better than ever with the recent debut of an improved 2022 Amazon Fire TV Cube, especially if you already have Amazon Prime and frequently access Amazon content. It’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into when purchasing a new Fire TV Cube, including how to set it up.

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of setup, what you need to know about logging into the Fire TV Cube, and what to keep in mind as you go (especially if you have one of the new models). Let’s get going.

How to install the Fire TV Cube

Step 1: Unpack your Fire TV Cube and locate a spot for it in your home theatre. The Fire TV Cube should be placed at least one to two feet away from any speakers you may have, according to Amazon. This might be challenging in confined spaces, but it’s only significant if speaker vibration or interference starts to degrade the functionality of the Fire TV Cube.

Step 2: Connect your Fire TV Cube’s HDMI wire to an available HDMI port on your TV. If you don’t have any spare ports, you can use an HDMI splitter; however, it’s recommended to avoid this because it can reduce performance (see our final step on attaching peripherals as a way to free up a spot).

Step 3: Connect your Fire TV Cube to the power adapter by plugging it into an outlet.

Step 4: Recharge your Fire TV remote and switch on your TV. Verify that the TV is connected to the proper HDMI input. Make sure they are linked at this point if you use smart speakers or other similar devices with your TV.

Step 5: At this point, some on-screen instructions ought to be visible on the Fire TV Cube. These actions must be carried out using the Fire TV remote. Normally, the Fire TV Cube should recognize the remote and link it instantly, albeit it may take a few seconds.

Find the Home button with its house-shaped icon on the Fire TV remote and hold it down for roughly 10 seconds if the pairing isn’t working. After that, a new prompt to touch the Play/Pause button should appear.

Step 6: Follow the on-screen directions to connect to Wi-Fi. Select your network from the list of accessible Wi-Fi networks displayed by the Fire TV Cube, then enter your Wi-Fi password to provide access. The Fire TV Cube 2022 model has an Ethernet port for a direct cable connection to your router, so take note of that. If your arrangement enables it, this can offer a faster, more dependable connection that you might prefer.

Step 7: Hold off on updating the Fire TV Cube. The downloading and installation of this can take a while.

Step 8: You will now be required to enter your Amazon account login and password to continue. If you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime Video, this is required to make other services available. Have your phone close because after entering, you’ll need to connect online to another device to finish the two-factor authentication.

Step 9: The Fire TV Cube will prompt you to set up control options for connected devices like soundbars, and smart speakers once logged in. Although it’s not required, you can route controls through the Fire TV Cube to reduce the number of remotes you need to manage.

The home screen with its ads, accessible apps, and content categories should now appear on your Fire TV Cube. It’s a good idea to download and log in to any essential programs you know you will use soon. Ensure the appropriate default payment option is selected on your Amazon account if you intend to buy content such as applications or games.

Sync peripheral devices

We’re bringing this up because the 2022 Fire TV Cube differs from the 2019 Fire TV Cube. The 2019 model offers precisely what you need for setup—an HDMI output and a Micro USB port for power. Nothing else will be fastened to this model. The 2022 model, however, includes an HDMI input that, among other things, lets you connect to a nearby device and turn it on with an Alexa voice command. If your system includes a compatible cable box, that would be handy. The moment has come to attach those kinds of devices.

Boxes from Verizon, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish Network, Cox, AT&T, CenturyLink, and other providers were supported, so if you have a more recent cable box, it probably works with the Fire TV Cube’s remote.

Setting up a Fire TV Cube for troubleshooting.

By pressing and holding the Action button on the Fire TV Cube for roughly 10 seconds, you can restart your Fire TV Cube whenever you run into issues during setup. You can restart the Fire TV Cube by pressing the Action button once again once this has turned it off. Alternatively, you could unplug the Fire TV Cube completely and replug it. This ought to provide numerous solutions. You should take additional care to ensure that all wires are fully connected to the appropriate ports because this is your initial setup.


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