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Here is How to Legally Use Music into Your Content Without Any Copyright Strike.

A podcast’s production value and emotional impact can both benefit from the inclusion of music. But using copyrighted music without permission can get you into trouble with the law and cost you a lot of fines. Consider these guidelines if you want to include music in your podcast but don’t want to get in trouble for doing so.

Use Free Music

Using royalty-free music in your podcast is a risk-free option. These are public domain or otherwise legally unprotected recordings that can be used however you like. You can find many musical styles and genres on royalty-free music websites.

Use Creative Commons Music

You could also use Creative Commons-licensed music. Creative Commons licenses allow creators to share their work while retaining some rights. Before using any music, check the license terms and conditions, as several varieties of Creative Commons licenses exist.

Get Permission from the Owner

You can contact the owner of a copyrighted song for permission to use it. The artist, the label, or the publisher may need to be contacted for this purpose. Remember that the permission process might be time-consuming and expensive.

Visit Music Library

A wide variety of songs suitable for podcast use can be licensed from music libraries. Finding the perfect song for your podcast is a breeze with these collections, typically organized by genre, mood, and tempo.

Compose your Tunes

Now, you can make your podcast’s music completely from scratch. This is a great way to put your stamp on your podcast without worrying about infringement. GarageBand and Ableton Live are just two of the many programs available for making your music.

Using music in your podcast can enrich the listening experience. But be sure you’re not breaking any rules by using music without permission. To use music in your podcast without worrying about running afoul of the law, you can use royalty-free music, Creative Commons music, music with permission, music from a music library, or make your original music.


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