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Here is How to do a reverse image search using Google.

If you need to learn how to reverse an image, you’ve found a picture and want to know what it depicts or where it came from. Thanks to the power of Google, you can use either Google Images or Google Lens to do these tasks.

Reverse picture searches are comparable to word searches in many ways and can be performed on any device. The difference is that you’re using an image, whether the one you found online or one you’ve downloaded to your phone or computer.

How to use Chrome to perform a reverse image search
The Google Chrome browser is the best option for performing a reverse image search on a PC or Mac. Since it’s the most widely used web browser, it’s good that your machine already has it set up. If you don’t, learning to download Google Chrome is worthwhile because it has many more capabilities than the ones we’ll be looking at right now.

1. Open Chrome on your computer, whether a Mac or a PC, and surf the web until you find an image you wish to search for.

2. Once you’ve located it, pick Search image with Google Lens from the context menu when you right-click the image (learn how to do this on a Mac).

3. A Google Lens box will be visible if you look to the right of the screen. This box can be scrolled down to see further uses for the image.

4. Google frequently recognizes an object in a photograph. If so, you can click Search and type in the suggested words. In a new tab, it will open.

5. You can also discover where the photograph originated. Click Find image source to accomplish this.

6. You may view the image size in a new tab that will open. You can also scroll down to check which other websites have used the image and which share a visual style with it, or you can click to find the image in additional sizes.


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