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Here is How to Create and Format a Pie Chart in Excel.

This article describes how to create a pie chart in Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.

Enter and Select the Data.
Using a pie chart, a visual representation of data, you can see how much each category there is in relation to the sum of all the categories. Pie charts can display information such as the factory’s output in relation to the company’s output or the revenue from a single product in relation to sales of the entire product line.

Enter the chart data before you construct a pie chart. Then, highlight the information you wish to use on the pie chart.
Enter the information from the previous image into a blank worksheet to follow this instruction.

Make a simple pie chart.
The fundamental pie chart is a simple, unformatted graph that shows the data categories, and the chart title by default.

Highlight the information in cells and follow these steps to generate a pie chart:

1. Select the Insert tab from the ribbon.
2. To view the various pie chart types, choose Insert Pie Chart in step two.
3. Hover your cursor over a chart type to get a pie chart preview and read a chart description.
4. Select a type of chart. Choose a 3-D Pie, for instance, to include a three-dimensional pie chart in the worksheet.

Include the Chart’s Title
Change the default chart title to one that is more appropriate.
1- Choose the standard chart title. A box surrounds the title.

2. To open Excel in edit mode, click on the text, then move the cursor to the title box.
3. Use the Delete or Backspace keys to remove the previous content.

4. Type a title for the chart. Enter “The Cookie Shop 2018 Revenue from Sales” as an example.
5. Position the cursor between two words in the title and hit Enter to divide it into two lines. Put the cursor, for instance, between 2018 and revenue.
Add Data Labels in Pie Chart.
The plot area, which includes the pie chart depicting the chosen data series, and the chart title and labels, are just a few of the numerous components that make up an Excel chart. These components can be formatted separately because they are all distinct objects. Select the area of the chart you want to format in Excel.

If the anticipated outcomes are not obtained, the appropriate area of the chart is not chosen. Selecting the plot area in the chart’s center when the aim is to choose the full chart is a frequent error. Picking a corner of the chart is the quickest way to choose the entire thing.

If you make a mistake, utilize Excel’s undo function to fix it. Next, choose the appropriate section of the chart and try again.

1. Choose the pie chart’s plot area.
2. Right-click on the graph.

3. Choose Add Data Labels.
4. Pick and Add Data Labels.


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