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Here is How to Clean your Refrigerator Coils for Better Efficiency.

One of the most useful appliances in your home is your refrigerator, but if you don’t maintain it properly, it might cost you a lot of money in energy bills. Cleaning the coils timely is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep your refrigerator operating effectively.

We’ll go over how to clean your refrigerator coils in this blog post and why it’s crucial.

Why Clean the Coils in Your Refrigerator?

Refrigerators function by venting heat to the exterior by eliminating it from inside the container. The coils at the bottom or back of your refrigerator generate heat exchange. The coils of a refrigerator can become clogged with dust and other debris over time, making it more difficult for the appliance to release heat. When this occurs, your refrigerator has to work harder and longer to maintain the temperature of your food, which could lead to greater energy costs and possible compressor damage.

How to Clean the Coils in Your Refrigerator

With just a few simple tools, you can easily clean the coils on your refrigerator by yourself. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • A vacuum with an attachment for cleaning crevices
  •  A screwdriver; a coil brush (available at hardware stores) (if necessary)

The steps are as follows:

  • Remove the refrigerator’s wall plug. This is crucial for security reasons.
  • On the bottom or back of your refrigerator, look for the coils. You might need a screwdriver to pry up a grille or panel to access them.
  • Use the coil brush to remove any loose dust or dirt from the coils gently. Avoid damaging or bending the coils.
  • To clear the coils and surrounding region of any last bits of dirt or debris, use the vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool attachment. Make sure to explore every crevice and corner.
  • Reinstall the panel or grille, then re-plug your refrigerator.

How Often Should You Clean the Coils in Your Refrigerator?

Cleaning your refrigerator’s coils at least twice a year is a smart idea. You might need to clean them more frequently if you have pets or live somewhere dusty. Moreover, if you notice an increase in energy bills or hear your refrigerator running louder than usual, you should clean the coils.

Cleaning the coils is an essential maintenance task that may keep your refrigerator operating well and help you save money on energy costs. With just a few simple instruments, you can complete the process yourself. For your refrigerator to operate optimally, make it a practice to clean the coils at least twice a year.


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