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Here is How to clean a refrigerator and banish odors.

To keep their goods frozen and fresher for longer, every household needs one of the best refrigerators. It’s important to know how to clean a refrigerator both inside and out, just as it’s important to keep our kitchen worktops and floors spotless.

The refrigerator is the most likely appliance to experience spills and leaks, thus cleaning it correctly regularly is essential to get rid of ordinary grime and bacteria spores. In reality, one of the mistakes we all frequently make with refrigerators is not cleaning them frequently enough.

While learning how to properly clean a refrigerator may seem like a daunting chore, there is a simple approach to doing so. You’ll also gain from following these five suggestions for organising your fridge so that food lasts long after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. Therefore, use our detailed instructions on how to clean a refrigerator and get rid of odours if you want to give your fridge some tender loving care.

Empty out the refrigerator
Before doing a thorough cleaning, dump the contents of your refrigerator first. Throw away any expired food, condiment jars that have been around for a while, and any other outdated products. Dairy goods, meat, and other chilled things can be kept cool by being stored in a cool bag or ice box. It’s a good idea to clear out the fridge and restock it before going grocery shopping.

Take away the shelves and the salad crisper
Next, remove the salad crisper and all of the moveable shelves and door compartments. Use a small brush to thoroughly wash in the sink with hot, soapy water, paying special attention to any awkward nooks and crannies. Allow the shelves and salad crispers to air dry naturally on the drainer or hand-dry with a fresh dish towel after washing them.

Wash the interior of your refrigerator
You may now start working on the interior. Simply combine two tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of hot water in a bowl or spray bottle to create your cleaning solution. Work from top to bottom with a sponge or towel to avoid drips trickling onto freshly cleaned surfaces. Use a toothpick or an old toothbrush to reach any crevices or the areas around the hinges.

Don’t forget to wipe the rubber gasket that surrounds the refrigerator door to get rid of any grime, grease, or sticky substances. This will preserve a tight seal and keep your refrigerator in good shape. Once everything has been fully cleaned, dry it all off with a fresh towel.

Wash the exterior of your refrigerator
Then, using the same solution and a cloth, wipe the outside of your refrigerator to remove any spills, stains, or soiled fingerprints. Pay particular attention to the handles, where bacteria can accumulate, as well as the refrigerator’s top, which is sometimes overlooked.

There are several techniques to clean stainless steel if you’re cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator. To avoid scratching, always wipe with the grain while using a microfiber cloth. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the refrigerator, you can put the shelves, salad crisper drawers, and food back where they belong.

How do stains disappear?
Refrigerators are prone to lingering odours, whether there has been a spill or something has gone bad in the back of the refrigerator. A little bowl or ramekin of baking soda kept in the refrigerator works well as a remedy. Or you could even add a bit to the side shelves or drawer. Natural deodorizer and cleaner baking soda get rid of unpleasant odours.


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