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Here are some methods you can use to back up the data on your PC.

If you are facing an issue with data storage and want to figure out some possible data backup alternatives, then you are at the right place. We are going to inform you about the latest methods from which you can back up your important data and photos.

Here are some alternative backup options to consider.

1. iCloud: Apple’s cloud service provides users with 5GB of free storage. iCloud Drive allows Windows users to sync their data as well.

2. Google Drive: The Google service is compatible with Android phones and tablets. Users using Windows and Mac operating systems can download a desktop program with drag-and-drop functionality. The service offers 15GB of free storage.

3- OneDrive is reachable using the file explorer in Windows 10. The website is accessible on Android and iOS smartphones via an app. The Mac App Store offers apps for download for Mac users as well. 5GB of storage is available for free on OneDrive.

4-Dropbox: It has been around for a long and provides subscriptions for both individuals and businesses. 2GB of free data is included with the personal account.

Several additional cloud storage options are available, including iDrive, MegaBackup, Nextcloud, Box, and Spideroak One. It would generally be wise to avoid using newer services. When you log in, you don’t want to discover that the startup you used to store your data is no longer in operation.

You can also store your data on External pen drives to help your PC run fast. All these tricks will surely help you to make your computer super fast.


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