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Here are 5 tips to stop your air fryer from overheating.

One of the most requested holiday gifts was an air fryer. They are very popular right now, not just because of the possible energy savings (for additional information, see air fryer vs. oven) but also because of the tender, crispy, and delicious results they deliver quickly. The problem is that improper use can cause even the best air fryers to malfunction. Overheating, which poses a risk of fire, is one of the probable results.

A study by Cinch Home Services found that air fryers were the most popular small item on everyone’s holiday wish list. However, it also discovered that searches for “air fryer accident” had grown by 600% since October. People are abusing their new gadgets, and more people may benefit from learning how to use an air fryer properly. We’ve provided a list of 7 suggestions to prevent an air fryer from overheating so you can understand what routines to avoid and what adjustments may be required.

Avoid stuffing the air fryer.
While the packaging your air fryer was delivered in might depict an air fryer basket overflowing with French fries, it isn’t the case in practice. In actuality, most meals can only be spread across the base of the basket in a single layer with room between each item to allow hot air to circulate. This is required for even cooking the food. When producing French fries, potatoes can be piled to some amount, but even this has limits, so you should consult your manual for quantity recommendations.
For instance, the ingredients won’t cook evenly if you overload your air fryer. Additionally, it may make your air fryer work harder than necessary, less properly ventilate, and ultimately overheat. Because of this, you should always double-check your ingredient measurements and cook in batches if necessary. It can be worthwhile to upgrade to one of the best toaster ovens if you frequently find that you require a larger capacity.

Use moderate amounts of oil

Check to see how much oil you should use in your air fryer; it might be less than you think. For most dishes, immediately applied to the food, one to two tablespoons will typically be sufficient — you can apply it by brushing or spritzing it on. A small layer applied to the food can enhance crisping and aid seasoning adhesion.

But be careful not to go beyond this. When the basket is filled with too much oil, you run the chance of it dropping or leaking into the internal parts when you shake it, which can cause overheating. Additionally, too much oil might cause your food to burn and overheat your air fryer.

Do not insert anything improperly
There are still some components that shouldn’t be placed in the basket of an air fryer, even though they can be used to prepare various meals. Anything that can melt or drip, like cheese or moist batter, is off-limits. If they burn to the base, they may be quite difficult to clean up afterward.

If your model air fryer doesn’t support it, don’t try to fit an entire roast chicken. Be cautious to check ahead of time, as certain brands may be unable to accommodate this. Otherwise, your air fryer can become overcrowded and overheat as a result.

Use the correct settings

Never question your air fryer’s settings. Cooking charts should be included in your guidebook, and you should always use them as needed. Most air fryers can operate at temperatures up to 400°F, so if you use a higher setting than necessary, your food could easily burn. This could generate a lot of smoke and trigger your fire alarms.

Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended cooking methods, and periodically check on the status of your food as it cooks. Use the appropriate setting if your air fryer has one for certain ingredients.

Give the air fryer room to vent 

All air fryers require space to exhaust and breathe, enabling the device to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Make sure there is enough room on your countertop for the air fryer to operate. Additionally, ensure the cable is not forced against the air fryer since the temperature of the outside surface of the appliance might harm the wiring if left uncontrolled.

For information on how much room is needed, consult your manual. Open windows and doors to enhance airflow if your kitchen is warm; this will benefit your air fryer.


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