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Hadean, a startup in spatial computing based in London, closes a $30 million Series A round.

The UK-based spatial computing startup Hadean plans to build infrastructure for the metaverse. It received $30M funding in the series A round. Some high-profile investors including Tencent and Epic games participated in this round of funding.

The company was established in 2015 in London. Its goal is to provide the processing power of a supercomputer to everyone. The company has been iterating different use cases. It is already a major force in the online gaming world where it provides support to games like Minecraft.

Hadean helps developers scale up their codebase for supporting software that needs substantial computing power. Minecraft is one such example where multiplayer engagement requires the power of a very powerful server. Sometimes hundreds of gamers are playing these games at the same time. It requires massive computing power to handle a variety of requests and processes related to gaming.

Such demands are handled with distributed computing. Hadean platform eliminates unnecessary middleware, overengineering, and orchestration, as stated by the company. It provides more or less computing power depending on a gamer’s demand. The technology it uses here can be used for many other applications that require massive computing power. Such applications can be found in the blockchain, Web3, and metaverse sectors.

This fresh round of funding will accelerate Hadean’s journey to help creators. It will provide them the supercomputer power as well as tools and other resources in the emerging metaverse markets. Metaverse will soon change the way people work, buy, consume and build.


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