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Guide to using your phone as a webcam: step by step process.

The Apple Continuity Camera feature enables Mac users to make video calls using their iPhone as a camera. This is the best application of the feature we have yet to see because it is so naturally integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

However, neither Windows nor Android users can access such a thing. Here, we’re referring to native support. This does not imply that a workaround is not available.

Android and Windows smartphone users could utilize their devices as webcams using third-party apps and online resources even before Apple introduced the Continuity Camera functionality. Here’s how to utilize your smartphone as a webcam on a Windows device if you also want to. Just keep in mind that the majority of modern video calling and conferencing apps are accessible on both Android and iOS devices and that you can even make calls directly from your phone and utilize the camera on it as a webcam.

What is required
In the absence of native support, third-party applications and services are necessary. You’ll also need subscriptions, Wi-Fi access, and other things.

Privacy issues
Third-party applications vary widely. While some promise to protect your data privacy and security, others barely mention privacy features. Decide on the person you can trust. We’ll provide you with a short list of names.

Tools at your disposal
Such apps and services are plentiful. Some include Smart Cam, Droid Cam, VibeCam, and Reincubate Camo. Before using these apps and services, consider privacy and security issues.

Setup instructions for using your smartphone as a webcam
Regardless of the app or service, you select, the setup procedure is essentially the same. The only difference is how to enter the apps and services; some might require a cable connection.
You must first download the app onto your laptop, computer, and smartphone. If you are prompted to log in, do so, after which you should follow the on-screen directions to alter your connection method and other settings.
Open the video conferencing app, go to Settings, then link your phone and laptop using the app. Here, alter the preferred camera settings to the name of the application.
Your phone and the webcam are now linked. Simply install it on a stand or tripod to begin making video calls.


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