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Google’s Ultra-powered AI, Gemini: The New King of Large Language Models.

Google Bard disappeared from the scene. After announcing its hasty attempt to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT about a year ago, the business is removing the Bard moniker and rebranding it as Gemini, the name of its foundation model family. But more significantly, it is now introducing Gemini Ultra, its most powerful large language model yet.

However, Gemini Ultra will cost money to access. The new $20 Google One tier, which comes with a two-month free trial and all of Google One’s features, including 2TB of storage and access to Gemini in Google Workspace apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet, is how Google is making it available. Along with that, Google plans to transfer the Duet AI brand—which was primarily limited to its AI capabilities in Workspace—to Gemini.

The company is also releasing the new Gemini app for Android and integrating it with the Google app for iOS. With Gemini, you can now use Android to replace your Google Assistant. Google stated that it will have more information to give in the upcoming weeks for developers who request access to the Ultra model’s API.

Though it is currently only available in English, Gemini Advanced will be accessible in over 150 nations and territories. The next languages planned to be included are Japanese and Korean.

Gemini Ultra 1.0

Google only made the Gemini Pro variant generally accessible through Bard when it first unveiled Gemini. Google said at the time that Gemini Pro performed about on par with GPT-3.5, but given the widespread availability of GPT-4, the news seemed a little lackluster. At the time, Google stated that, following a round of private testing, the flagship model, Gemini Ultra, would go on sale to the general public in early 2024. Although the business didn’t state it clearly, it was already understood at the time that the Ultra model would be a part of a premium plan called Bard Advanced, which has now been renamed to Gemini Advanced.

Prior to today’s presentation, Google’s Sissie Hsiao stated in a press conference that “Gemini Ultra 1.0 is a model that sets the state of the art across a wide range of benchmarks across text, image, audio, and video.” “Gemini is more to Google than just the models. The way we view cutting-edge technology and the ecosystem we’re creating around it—from platforms and APIs used by developers and companies to products impacting billions of users—has truly changed.

Hsiao also pointed out that Google renamed Bard to Gemini to reflect the fact that its most cutting-edge technology is at its core. However, who knows what Google will call Bard if, with its vast branding knowledge, the company decides to launch a more capable model and calls it Aries instead of Gemini Ultra Super Pro Max 3.0? Even if Google highlights Bard’s user ratings, a rebrand is practically required because many of the original users probably never came back once it produced mediocre results.

There won’t be any significant changes for free users, as Bard has already moved to Gemini Pro. But the Gemini Ultra 1.0 variant is available to anyone who chooses to pay for Gemini Advanced. We’ll have to test Gemini Ultra 1.0 for ourselves to find out for sure. Google itself gave a hazy description of its capabilities at the press presentation this week.

Gemini Advanced

Users will need to subscribe to the new $20 Google One AI Premium subscription in order to access Ultra 1.0 through Gemini Advanced, which is now the only option available. All of the capabilities of the current Google One professional plan—2TB of storage, professional photo editing tools, premium video features for Google Meet, and improved appointment scheduling for Google Calendar—are included in this package. They will also have access to the more sophisticated variant anywhere Gemini is sold. They will also soon have access to Gemini in Google Workspace, which is probably going to resemble Microsoft Copilot, but Google hasn’t revealed any specifics yet.

Indeed, the majority of sophisticated AI chat programs, including ChatGPT, now have a monthly fee of $20. Google is in a better position because it can add these capabilities on top of it without having to pay a significant amount more (the profit margins on these current Google One storage plans are presumably very substantial already, after all).

Here’s a pleasant bonus: If you upgrade to the new AI Premium plan, you’ll still receive the free two-month trial even if you already have a Google One subscription.


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