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Google’s Employers Think “Incognito App Isn’t All It’s Cracked To Be”.

Is it really Incognito? Yes, you hear right. Google’s incognito mode is in the news after some employees started cracking jokes about its privacy. We all use this mode to go private and feel that we are not being tracked or recorded anywhere. So the claims of Google that Incognito mode is safe for private browsing is shaking because some of the company employees started bashing the company’s claims and requested Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) to really take care of people’s privacy and make this search Engines mode really private.

A Survey conducted in 2018 by researchers at Leibniz University and Chicago University in Hanover revealed that 56.3% of people believed that if they use Google’s incognito mode, their search history is not recorded, and 37% assumed that Google doesn’t track people while using incognito. But in reality, according to Nord VPN’s Daniel Markusson, “Only blocks your browser from recording your traffic. It does not hide your IP.” It does not conceal your IP address.” Markuson Says Incognito wipes out the history of searches and the cookies after users close the browser. Google spokesperson replied to Gizmodo via email, “Privacy controls have long been built into our products and we support our teams to explain or consider ideas to improve them constantly.” Markuson further says, .” Markuson further states, “Your ISP and employer websites, search engines, and even government agencies and other third-party spying organizations can still access your personal data and monitor your IP address.”

Google, in its statement, has cleared its privacy policy and states that Incognito mode is safe to use and Google does not record any search history. The court also summoned the CEO of Google on its policy regarding users’ Data. Duckduckgo, the competitor of Google, also blamed Google for tracking customers’ data.

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