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Google unevils earthquake alert system for Android in India.

Google has unveiled a new alert system for Android handsets in India that will send out early earthquake warnings. With the use of sensors found on Android handsets, the Android Earthquake Alerts System can identify earthquakes and determine their magnitude. According to Google, the capability is already available in several other nations and will soon be implemented in India. According to Google, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) were involved in the design of the Android earthquake alert system.

The internet giant Google claimed in its blog that it is sending Indian Android users automatic early warning signals in the event of an earthquake in their region. The earthquake alarm system will use the smartphone’s accelerometer to serve as “mini seismometers.”

“A phone that is plugged in and charging can sense the first tremors of an earthquake. According to a blog post published by Google on Wednesday, “our server may utilise this information to estimate that an earthquake may be occurring, as well as features of the event, including its epicentre and magnitude.

Then, local phones would receive alerts from Google’s servers. Additionally, consumers would receive prompt alerts on their phones before the onset of severe shaking because Internet signals travel considerably faster than earthquakes, according to Google. The business also stated that Android-compatible Indian languages would be available for the earthquake alerts.

The tech juggernaut went into further detail on its crisis response page about its earthquake alarm system. The company said that this method “creates the largest earthquake detection network in the world by using the 2+ billion Android phones in use around the world as mini-seismometers; the phones detect the vibration and speed of shaking of an earthquake and alert Android users in affected areas accordingly.” If they feel the ground trembling in their region, users may simply search “earthquake near me” on Google Search to learn more about the natural occurrence.

In the event of an earthquake, Google issues two different alerts: the Be Aware alert and the Take Action alert. Only earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.5 or above can set off either of these. According to Google, the Be Aware notice serves as a warning for slight trembling and offers more details if you tap on the notification. This notice respects the user’s phone’s volume, Do Not Disturb (DND), and notification settings. On the other hand, the Take Action alert is intended to alert consumers before they encounter moderate to intense shaking. This warning activates your screen, disregards your DND settings, and plays a loud noise to get your attention.

Users must have a smartphone running Android 5 or later with Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity in order to receive the alerts. Users should also enable location settings and Android earthquake alerts on their cellphones. This week, the new alert system will be made available to all qualified Android users.


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