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Google Rolls Out eSIM Transfer Tool for Seamless Android Phone Upgrades.

Google has made it possible to move eSIMs—an embedded, digital SIM that can be used to activate a cell plan—across Android smartphones, a new report claims.

Last year, some users were able to transfer their eSIM from an older Pixel phone to the Pixel 8. This suggests that the feature is becoming available to users of smartphones other than Pixel phones. As of right now, users can reportedly transfer their digital SIM from their current smartphone to a Samsung Galaxy S24 series phone.

According to Android Police, you will receive a notification during the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra setup process inquiring whether you wish to move your SIM card from another handset. A popup window on the screen of the older phone displays to initiate the transfer, after which you are instructed to unlock and place your current smartphone next to the new phone.

Transferring your current eSIM from the old phone to the newer Android phone requires scanning a QR code, just like when setting up a new one. The ability to transfer your SIM card should make it unnecessary to go to a local store and provide the same ease of use as taking out a real SIM card and inserting it into a new phone.

Google said at MWC 2023 last year that it will allow consumers to change their current physical SIM card to an eSIM and enable eSIM transfers between devices. Although the capability was first observed on Pixel 8 owners upgrading from an earlier Pixel phone last year, its presence on the Galaxy S24 Ultra indicates that Google is extending the feature to further OEMs.

Currently, though, it’s not common to be able to move your current eSIM to a different phone. According to the Android Police report, T-Mobile eSIM profiles are presently compatible with this feature. To transfer your current eSIM to another Android smartphone if you reside in a different country, such as India, you will need to wait until your telecom provider supports Google’s transfer option.


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