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Google releases new features across Maps, Search and Shopping.

Google announced that it would introduce some new Maps and Search features. At its Search On event last September, Google revealed most of these new features and is now rolling them out to users.


Search will allow users to find their favorite dish at a nearby restaurant starting today. For example, to search for truffle mac and cheese near you, you could type “truffle macaroni and cheese near me” in Google. This will show you nearby restaurants that offer the dish. In addition, you can find out more about the price and ingredients of the dish you are looking for once you have found it.

You can also use Google’s multi-search feature for specific food searches near you. Imagine that you find something delicious online but need to figure out what the item is and how to find it. The lens is now available in the Google App for Android and iOS. You can snap a photo or screenshot of a dish, then add the words “near you” to locate a store that sells it.

Google will release an update to Lens AR Translate later this year. This will allow users to translate text from complex backgrounds seamlessly. In addition, Google will not cover up the original text as it is currently done. Instead, Google will erase the text, re-create the pixels beneath with an AI-generated backdrop, then overlay the translated text over the image.


Google will launch a new visual search experience, Live View, for Maps’ unique features. It is available in London, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo.

In a blog article, Google states that you are visiting New York to do holiday shopping and meet up with friends. Lift your phone to see the nearest stores and other locations, such as banks, ATMs, and coffee shops in your area. AR-powered directions, arrows, and directions can be used to see where they are and how far they are from you. You can also spot nearby stores (such as a clothing shop around the block) and get a sense of the area at a glance.

To find out more, tap the categories to see what bars, dessert shops, and parks are nearby. In addition, users can see information about the locations and important information such as the cost, availability, and price range.

Another Maps feature makes it easier for EV owners to find the best-charging stations for their vehicles. You can now search for “EV charging station” and choose the “fast charger” filter. In addition, you can filter stations that accept your EV’s type of plug.

Google also announced expanding its “accessible locations” feature worldwide after launching it in the U.S., Australia, and Japan in 2020. This feature helps people determine if a place is accessible for wheelchair users. First, the accessibility settings can be turned on in the app. After that, you’ll see a wheelchair icon for places that are accessible. It will show you if the place has accessible seating, toilets, and parking. Google also notes that this feature is helpful if you need to avoid stairs if you are using a stroller/cart.


Google announced an AR shopping feature to help you find the perfect foundation match. Google’s new photo library includes 148 models representing a wide range of skin types, skin colors, ages, and genders. It should make it easier for customers to see how different products will look on them.

“Here’s how it works: Search on Google for a foundation shade. You can choose from a variety of brands and prices, such as ‘Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.'” Google explained. To help you choose the right foundation, you can see how it looks on models with similar skin tones. You can then select a retailer to purchase the foundation you have chosen.

With AR, users can also shop for shoes. Start exploring shoes by brands such as VANS, Saucony, and Merrell immediately. Google promises that the feature will work with other brands in the future. Start by searching for a type of sneaker, such as “Shop Blue VANS sneakers,” and tap “View In My Space.” You’ll be able to spin, zoom, and view the shoes in your own space. This will make it easier to determine if the color, laces, and tread suit you.

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