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Google Pixel 7 Ads: 7 Pro Will Get Macro Focus for Fine Details.

Advertisements focusing on the features of Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 from Google got leaked in some fresh ads for these phones. It was in May this year when the company revealed the news of these two new handsets for the first time. The company has also given updates about these two smartphones’ hardware specs on several occasions.

Features that the leaked ads tease

The recently leaked advertisements teased that both these two handsets will have new software functionality related to cameras. It includes the ability to record clips while making the subjects blurred.

The feature is similar to the Cinematic Mode feature of Apple, which the tech giant launched with its iPhone 13 series. Another feature, which the leaked ads focus is called the Macro Focus.

The tipster SnoopyTech has facilitated the leaked ads for Goggle’s two new handsets and its Pixel Watch. However, you should note that these ads are not targeted at dorks but for regular people. The advertisements do not have a lot of ground-breaking details though.

Pixel 7 Pro’s video has revealed the “Macro Focus” feature, which would apparently permit users to click close-up pictures of subjects. The ad also explores familiar features available on Google’s Pixel 6 Pro. These include Magic Eraser, Super Res Zoom, Extreme Battery Saver, and Live Translate.

The Pixel 7’s video showcases that this smartphone will not have the latest Macro Focus mode. However, it will have other features we covered above. These features were also available on Google Pixel 6, its predecessor.

Both these handsets will however have the “Cinematic Blur” feature.


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