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Google One Reaches 100 Million Subscribers, Unveils New AI Premium Tier.

Google One, the company’s subscription offering for additional cloud storage across Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and other platforms, surpassed 100 million users. The significant accomplishment came just one day after the tech giant unveiled Gemini Advanced, the AI assistant run by Gemini Ultra, its most potent fundamental model. Its subscription plan, which is included with Google One, is reported to have aided in the quicker expansion of Google One users.

The company that created the search engine had previously said that its other services would also have AI capabilities through the Gemini Advanced initiative. “We crossed 100 million Google One subscribers!” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce the milestone. With the launch of our new AI Premium Plan yesterday, which includes AI features like Gemini Advanced, we’re excited to build on that momentum. Furthermore, he disclosed that AI-powered capabilities will be added to Gmail, Docs, and other Google One subscription services.

Given that the internet giant eliminated its Google Photos free unlimited storage option in 2021 and has been pressuring customers to choose the premium subscription ever since, the number is noteworthy. The decision was unpopular at the time, particularly for customers who had backed up more data than the allotted 15GB, which was above the free limit. But the fact that Google One has more than 100 million customers in less than four years speaks volumes about its worth.When the accomplishment is contrasted with the company’s paid YouTube subscriptions, its significance becomes more evident. Together with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music users, Google just reached 100 million subscribers on the platform. The achievement was made nine years after YouTube Red, the company’s premium tier, was originally revealed (October 2015).


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