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Google may require users to subscribe to YouTube Premium in order to view 4K videos.

Word on the tech street is that soon you will no longer be able to access all the video resolutions for free on YouTube. The 4k option is being locked behind compulsory payment as a part of Google’s efforts to incentivize regular users to make the jump to Premium. Over the last couple of years, viewers around the world have noticed the video platform being bombarded with multiple advertisements throughout the day asking users to opt-in for Premium memberships. YouTube has been making use of everything from pop-up adverts, non-skippable ads in between videos, and home page banners to inundate users with its aggressive marketing strategy.

Since it does not seem like it’s working in their favor, they are now going to resort to bringing the highest video resolutions under their Premium plan. So far, the tech giant has not come forward to confirm or deny this speculation but netizens have been wondering about it ever since a user observed that they weren’t able to freely use the highest resolutions. The options were blocked by a notification asking them to become a Premium member. If this is true, there will be some mixed reactions as some viewers are already voicing their dissent for this update.

The possibility of this coming true in the near future could mean bad news, especially for those who love enjoying HD videos on their big screens at home. Today it is the norm for all types of video content to be readily available in the maximum resolutions. Fans of live streams, concerts, sports shows, YouTube dramas, and more are going to be missing out on their access to the finest quality of video streaming.


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