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Google Maps for Android and iOS: Now Lets You Share Your Live Location.

There has long been a feature in messaging programs like Signal, WhatsApp, and others that allows you to share your location with contacts. It’s a simple method to share your current position with friends and family so they can help you navigate. Google is now integrating real-time location sharing into the Maps app for PC, iOS, and Android. With Maps’ Location Sharing feature, Google users can let their contacts know where they are in real time.

You can control who can see your location information and for how long when you use Google Maps’ location sharing feature. In addition, there are a few clever tweaks to the standard live location sharing seen in chat apps. People you share your position with, for instance, through Google Maps position sharing, may also see how much battery life is left and whether your device is charging. Additionally, if you’re using navigation to get somewhere, you can post your anticipated arrival time.

As per the location sharing support page on Google, the capability remains functional even if Location History is disabled in Maps. Both iOS and Android users can use the feature in essentially the same way. Go to the Google Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, press the profile symbol in the upper right corner, and choose Location Sharing to begin sharing your location. After that, you’ll see a list of Google contacts with whom you can share your location, as well as an option to decide how long you want to share your location (you can choose to share your location for up to a full day or share it until you turn off location sharing). You can choose to share by tapping on a contact’s profile.

You may choose More options in the Location Sharing menu and share the URL to your current location with other messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp if you want to share your location with people who aren’t on Google Contacts. You can tap the person you’re sharing your location with’s profile and choose Stop to stop sharing your location.

Using Google Maps to navigate to a destination, you can also notify a contact with your estimated time of arrival (ETA). Open Maps, choose a location, and begin traveling to accomplish this. Then, to share your path with a contact, touch More and choose Share journey progress. When you stop navigating or arrive at your destination, location sharing immediately ends.

At its Building for India event in New Delhi last month, Google Maps unveiled a few features aimed specifically at India. Among the features that the tech giant demonstrated were live view walking, lenses in maps, address descriptors, fuel-efficient routing, and support for local trains. 3,000 communities around the nation will soon get live-view walking navigation, according to Google. Mumbai’s local trains will now be compatible with the Where Is My Train function, which allows users to track trains. Support for Kolkata’s local trains will also be available soon.


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