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Google Home app gets new interface, brings more routines: Here are the details.

Google is working on adding a new user interface (UI). Home App accelerates testing of previews for its major overhaul. But, it appears to be breaking current Assistant procedures for some users.

It is reported that the Google Home app has introduced an interface for users that allows smart home devices to be added to daily routines, as written by 9to5Google. The new update will enable users to control the additional features of the device instead of the previous page’s drop-down options that only let users alter the settings for on or off for each switch or light within the home.

The update will provide users access to a greater menu with options for color, brightness, and much more based on the device’s control.

According to the report, Google intends to improve its automation, but it is currently taking longer to implement routines on smart devices. The report gives an instance of Google Assistant switching the lights off for all devices. The new interface users must accomplish this by adding an individual step for every device’s return. Users can also add an individual command, asking the Assistant “turn off all lighting.

The new UI is live with the Google Home Public Preview and the default Home app design.

Google Messages are up-to-date.

Google is working simultaneously on its Messaging application for Android. The company in October unveiled its new logo design for the app, and now it’s time to undergo some changes within the app. Users can directly modify the notification sound played when they receive a message.

Google Messages app will also notify users of incoming messages. Google Messages app will also alert users of new or outgoing messages whenever the thread is active.

Now, you can use more emojis to respond to messages

Other significant changes include the Rich Communication Service (RCS) in Google Messages which allows users to respond by using any emoji rather than choosing among the seven that are available at present.


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