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Google Hangouts is reaching its final phase.

Hangouts is among the most popular messaging apps from Google however, it’s slowly dying for long enough. The switch from Hangouts to Google Chat is mostly complete for Google Workspace business users, but users with personal accounts can remain undisturbed until some time. It appears that Google is planning to end it.

Individual users who attempt to utilize Android or iOS applications are confronted with a blue banner stating that Hangouts won’t last long in the globe. The app will prompt you to “Switch to Chat in Gmail,” If you click the button, you’ll be shut out of Hangouts using that account and moved to the Chat area within Gmail. If you’re using the app, it means that you’ll not receive notifications or send messages. Simply start of the closing process has already started.

You can add your account to the Hangouts app If you genuinely desire to squeeze every minute of your life from it, but it’ll disappear to the end of the road soon enough, which means it’s the perfect time to become accustomed to the new method of working before you’re forced to.

Although we’re aware that the business version of Hangouts will cease to function in the coming year, there still needs to be an official date for when the service will be shut down for personal accounts.

Recent developments suggest that this is likely to happen sooner than earlier, so don’t anticipate users with free accounts to be able to use the service to Hangouts for longer than business accounts. As a result, hangouts could be gone by the end of this year, and you should end your spots today.


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