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Google Docs Will Now Let You Sign Documents Digitally: Latest Update.

Google has revealed a project to add native eSignature support to Docs and Drive, enhancing user ease.

Google wants to make it simpler for users of its platform to request signatures and digitally sign documents with this move. After more than a year of testing, the feature that makes it simpler to obtain and utilise eSignatures is now being implemented in beta.

eSignatures are already supported by many software programmes, including local programmes like Adobe Acrobat and cloud-based applications like Dropbox.

Google’s launch of this feature is more in keeping with its objective of achieving parity with its competitors than it is with its desire to pioneer something new.

This update will reduce the number of times users have to go between other apps in order to get a signature.

Google has supplied screenshots demonstrating how Docs and Drive will request the complete signature or initials of the recipient. A “date signed” field is also available with auto-population.

A single template contract can be used to request several signatures, and Google promotes the inclusion of a tool that allows you to keep track of any outstanding signatures.

Notably, during the early stages, signature requests appeared to be limited to Gmail users alone. Non-Gmail users will be included later this year, according to a blog post on Google’s official website.

In the next few weeks, an open test of the capability will be available to Google Workspace subscribers. Administrators must use the provided form to specifically request access for users of higher tiers, such as Workspace Business or Enterprise customers.

Regarding whether or when the feature will be made accessible to Google’s free personal accounts, no information has been given.


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