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Google Developing Exclusive AI Assistant ‘Pixie’ for Pixel 9 Series Debut.

This October, Google released the Pixel 8 smartphone series. The Pixel 9 lineup may follow in 2024. Web rumors concerning the Pixel series’ chipset and charging capabilities surfaced months before its release. A recent claim suggests that Mountain View, California-based tech giant Google may develop a new AI helper for Pixel devices, possibly launching with the Pixel 9 series.

According to The Information (via MySmartPrice), Google is creating Pixie, a pixel-only AI assistant. The story claims that the new AI assistant will perform all Google Assistant duties and more. The Google Pixel 9 series may include the assistant in 2024. Remember that ‘Pixie’ may be a codename rather than the final name.

Pixie will also use data from Gmail and Maps to provide more personalized support, according to the insider. Complex, multimodal tasks like referring a person to the closest store to buy a thing they’ve pictured are stated to be possible. Gemini Nano may power the AI assistant.

According to the story, Google aims to expand Pixie to lower-end phones and wearables beyond the Pixel 9 series. Whether the AI helper will operate with present or future cellphones is unknown.

An earlier source suggested Pixel 9 phones would use Tensor G4 SoCs, code-named “Zuma Pro,” to power them. The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have “Zuma,” or Tensor G3 chipsets. The Google Pixel 9 series may be the first Android phone to use Qi2 wireless charging.

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