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Google CEO Sundar Pichai tells employees they don’t need money to have a good time.

The internal atmosphere at Google has been bubbling with unrest in recent times. Members of the workforce have given accounts of the tech mammoth’s dubious work climate that is not very supportive to the employees. Many factors like the firm calling back the staff from homes when the pandemic was worsening, recruitment halts, lay-offs, and assertive expense-reduction methods have come to light. Some of them even walked out recently because the organization’s policies allegedly prevented them from voicing their support for Palestinians.

On the heels of this, Google’s top boss Sundar Pichai has given yet another controversial statement in a sound bite. He said that one doesn’t need money to enjoy their life well, raising some eyebrows and adding fuel to the fire that is enveloping the workforce. He was referencing the olden days when the firm was just starting out. The top boss said that workers knew how to enjoy life back then even when they didn’t have much capital. This was regarding the various expense-curtailing plans taking place right now and he implied that there will still be a positive climate within the firm. This is being criticized by netizens as an apathetic answer to a labor force that is worrying about whether they’re going to be let go soon.

According to him, they are merely taking these controversial measures to ensure the company tides over the global pressures that have been threatening the tech industry in the last few years. It is prudent to look out for themselves and do what is required right now, so they can secure their future and increase productivity in the present. Sadly, however, this means that Google employees will face the brunt of these actions.


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